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Family Ties is an inside perspective of where I’m from and how my environment is apart of my DNA.

Perfect World is my idea of how things would be if we broke the cycle of hate and embraced change.

Save Me is a plea to God asking for forgiveness and guidance for all of my wrongs, a prayer for guidance on my journey.

Fallen Heart is a free flow of thoughts and confidence that introduces Forest The Singer. it’s also a preview for my next project 808.


Family Ties and Perfect World is a continuance from UNDRWATER it’s the perfect transition to introduce Save Me and Fallen Heart which are the catalyst to 808. I’ve been working on 808 for the last 2 years but there was a disconnect ; I was lacking transition. Nipsey Hussle’s death and what he stood for played a huge role in leading me back home and putting together this tracklist. I couldn’t have completed this EP if I didn’t go back to the city. I called it Stay Home as a reminder to Stay True.

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